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Parasitology Lab Manual book cover

Parasitology Lab Manual

CC BY-NC (Attribution NonCommercial)   English

Author(s): Florian Reyda

Publisher: SUNY Oneonta

Last updated: 19/09/2023

Foundations of Education book cover

Foundations of Education

CC BY (Attribution)   English

Author(s): Ray Siegrist, Ann Fradkin-Hayslip, Lee Graham, Thor Gibbins, Julia Baxter, Rosemarie Avanzato, Suzanne Swantak-Furman, Nicole Waid, Tasneem Amatullah

Publisher: SUNY Oneonta | SUNY OER Services

Last updated: 11/05/2023

Civilización Hispanoamericana book cover

Civilización Hispanoamericana

CC BY (Attribution)   Spanish

Author(s): Elizabeth Small

Subject(s): , Español/Castellano, México, Centroamérica, Sudamérica, Latinoamérica, Material y trabajos de clase para la enseñanza y el aprendizaje de lenguas

Publisher: SUNY Oneonta

Last updated: 16/04/2023

Un recorrido por la historia y cultura de Hispanoamérica, diseñado para estudiantes de la lengua española a nivel intermedio.
Intellectual Curiosity and the Role of Libraries book cover

Intellectual Curiosity and the Role of Libraries

CC BY-NC-ND (Attribution NonCommercial NoDerivatives)   English

Author(s): F. Elizabeth Nicholson, Christine Elliott, Amanda Boyer, Angela Chikowero, Amy Dye-Reeves, Wendy Hardenberg, Monica Moore, Leslie L. Morgan, Lauren Movlai, Holly Jackson, Chloe Santangelo, Evalynn Vierheller, Jacqueline Hollcraft, Kevin Augustine, Laureen

Editor(s): Tiffany Walsh, Cynthia Tysick

Subject(s): Research and information: general, Library and information services

Institution(s): University at Buffalo

Publisher: SUNY Pressbooks

Last updated: 10/03/2023

Intellectual Curiosity and the Role of Libraries explores how first and second year college students develop intellectual curiosity through library experiences. Such experiences can shape one’s undergraduate career, and include interactions with library spaces, instruction, relationships, services, and outreach. Instilling and inspiring intellectual curiosity in college students is a cornerstone of retention, positive academic performance, and completion for students of every socio-economic and diverse backgrounds. Libraries, as the intellectual heart of the campus have become increasingly woven into the fabric of the curricular and extracurricular lives of students. This collection of works was carefully curated to provide unique, meaningful, and personal narratives from librarians related to the first/second year college student experience.

#TheatreAppreciation book cover


CC BY (Attribution)   English

Author(s): Kiara Pipino

Editor(s): Kiara Pipino

Subject(s): The Arts, Theatre studies

Institution(s): SUNY Oneonta

Publisher: SUNY Oneonta

Last updated: 13/12/2022

#TheatreAppreciation is a textbook for introductory level lecture classes such as Theatre Appreciation and Introduction to Theatre. It provides insight about the art and craft of theatre, a brief exploration of theatre history, and discussion about the styles and forms of theatre along with an overview of professions in the field.
¿Cómo suena? book cover

¿Cómo suena?

CC BY (Attribution)  73 H5P Activities    English

Author(s): Nicole Barreca, Alejandra Escudero, Alyssa Carbone

Subject(s): Language and Linguistics, Language and Linguistics, Sociolinguistics

Publisher: SUNY Create OER

Last updated: 04/11/2022

The Inclusive Historian's Handbook book cover

The Inclusive Historian's Handbook

CC BY-SA (Attribution ShareAlike)   English

Last updated: 20/10/2021

Industrialization in Little Falls, New York, 1790-1960 book cover

Industrialization in Little Falls, New York, 1790-1960

CC BY-NC-ND (Attribution NonCommercial NoDerivatives)   English

Last updated: 06/09/2021